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What do I need to do to book the camper?

You can either ring us, or make a booking request via email or contact form.  A non-refundable deposit of £150 is required to confirm your booking. 

When do I pay the balance?

The balance is required a month before the start of your hire.

Do you charge a security deposit?

Yes, in line with other camper hire companies, we charge a security deposit. The security deposit is £250, and is required prior to your hire commencing, this will be returned upon the van being checked in, providing the camper is returned with no damage or requiring specialist cleaning.

Do I need to send you any documents?

You will need to email two proof of addresses dated within the last 90 days across to us to confirm your address. You will also need to email across a copy of your driving licence (front and back), and if you have an old style licence, your passport for photo identification by email, along with a driving licence share code. Your licence address must match your current address. The licence and share code are required for all drivers. These should be sent to


How do I share my driving licence with you?

You will need to visit and using your National Insurance number, driving licence number and your postcode, generate an 8-digit code that us to allows us to view the licence to confirm any convictions. The code and driving licence number need to be sent by email to

What time do rentals start and finish?

Please ensure you arrive to collect your camper, and return your camper between 9.30am and 10.00am unless agreed otherwise. We cannot accept returns outside of these hours unless by prior agreement. Rentals can start on any day of the week, giving added flexibility.

Can I take a camper to a festival?

We allow you to take a camper to some festivals, you must check prior to booking that it is OK. We do not allow campers to go to festivals such as Glastonbury.


How long do I need to have held my licence?

All drivers need to hold full valid UK driving licences, held for at least two years.

How clean are your vans?

Very! We leave a day between hires, to ensure plenty of cleaning time, and we use Envirosafe Virus & Bacteria Cleaner. 


What does the advertised price include?

Our advertised prices include the VAT element. The rental charge includes fully comprehensive insurance, breakdown, and general wear and tear.


How old do I need to be to rent the camper?

Unlike most other local companies, you can drive our campers from 23 years of age. There is a small supplement of £7.00 per day for under 25s for insurance purposes. Unfortunately we have a maximum driver's age of 75.


Can anyone else drive the camper?

Yes they can. However, they must be named on the rental agreement, and their driving licences, address documents and DVLA history needs to be presented as per the main driver. For each additional driver a small charge of £7.00 per day is required for insurance purposes.

I have some points on my licence, can I still hire a camper?

Yes. As long as you have not received more than 6 penalty points in the last 36 months, and you don't have any offences in which 4 or more points were added that have not yet expired. You cannot hire a vehicle if you have a prosecution live or pending for the following. AC10 to AC30 (inclusive), BA10 to BA60 (inclusive), CD40 to CD90 (inclusive), CU80, DD10 to DD90 (inclusive), DG10 to DG60 (inclusive), DR10 to DR80 (inclusive), IN10, MS50, MS90 or TT99. You will not be entitled a refund in the event of cancellation due to undisclosed offences.


What are my obligations when driving the camper?

We ask that you treat our vehicles with respect and care, and drive carefully and with due diligence. We believe in safe driving, so we can end a rental if any driver is seen using a hand held mobile phone, or committing an offence of dangerous driving, driving without due care, or inconsiderate driving. Any speeding fines, or penalty charge notices are the responsibility of the hirer, who under the Road Traffic Act, act as the 'owner' of the vehicle whilst on hire.


What happens if I damage the camper?

Whilst the camper is under your care, as the hirer you are responsible for any damage, including damage to tyres and windows. The vehicles have fully comprehensive insurance, with a standard excess of £500.00. However, for drivers 23-25, the excess is £1000.00.

I am running late, what should I do?

You need to let us know as soon as possible, so we can extend the insurance for the extra period, and advise you of any extra charges due.


What happens if I break down?

In the highly unlikely event there is an issue with the camper, they are covered by 24hr nationwide recovery.


What should I do in the event of an accident?

Firstly, stay calm. If anyone is hurt or there is any damage to other vehicles, notify the police immediately and make sure you get an incident reference. If there are casualties, these of course take priority over everything else, but make sure by assisting them you are not putting yourself in danger. Get details of witnesses, and take photos if possible. You need to contact the insurance company as soon as practicable, and then let us know. You must forward any correspondence received, to ourselves as soon as possible.


What do I do when I return the camper?

The vehicle must be returned with a clean interior, and with a full tank of fuel, or unfortunately a valeting charge or refill charge will be required. Please notify any damage.


What is the deal with the fuel?

The camper is supplied with a full tank, and therefore must be returned as such. If the camper is not returned with a full tank, the fuel is charged to you at the cost to us, along with a £20.00 fee to cover the time for our staff member to fill the van, the admin and card processing costs, and to act as a reasonable deterrent to ensure the policy is adhered to.

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